It’s Moments like these…

I sat the table in our outdoor Rec. Yard area for our Mental Health Crisis Bed unit.

It’s one of those plastic white tables people usually have set up at parties. In front of me there was the mid sized caged off area with a few picnic tables for the inmates to complete their yard time.

I was out there with an O.G. (an inmate who has been incarcerated for a long time). He was on old African American who walked with an interesting limp which gave his walk some old man style.

He had an innocent face and gave off on an endearing demeanor. I had met with him before so we weren’t strangers. He had me read him a devotion out of “The Daily Bread” devotion booklet the Prison hands out to them.

After some conversation he went to the back of the cage area to get some sun light so I turned up the radio and returned to my seat.

I checked email and when I looked up I noticed he had walked back up towards the front of the cage without me noticing and was full on in his own little world… dancing.

Now this wasn’t anything new, but for some reason it was that occasion I realized it will be moments like this I’m really going to miss. Watching an old man convict dancing the best he could in a cage. Not giving a care in the world.

The next guy that came in gave me another moment of similar feeling, but very different. He told me he was in Prison for murder, but said he didn’t do it.

Apparently he was at a party and he was holding a gun to someone’s head who was on their knees in execution position, but then he teleported and was gone. Then whoever was in his body shot and murdered the guy. That’s when he came back and was in the same position he was when he left, only the guy was dead.

“Where did you go when you teleported?” I asked

“I have no idea, my therapist and I are trying to figure that out right now” he said

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