How inmates make their Vodka.

Inmates have created quite an innovative culture here. They have come up with ways to pass messages, their own “prison” sign language, how to make lighters, tattoo guns, tattoo inks, hot pots, wine, vodka, and much more. These tricks and trades have been passed down from inmate generations, and they still go strong today.

The first step in making vodka is first making wine… in there they call it Pruno (I guess because it used to be made out of prunes). To make the wine they’ll save the fruit they get; mainly apples and oranges. They will also save their juice boxes.

Once they have enough, they’ll mash up the fruit, put them into a plastic bag, add the juice and maybe some warm water. Some of them might add a little bread so the yeast in it will help it ferment.

They seal the bag and then let it sit for awhile while chemistry takes over.

Now sometimes, officers will find these bags in their rooms, and what do they do with it? They will dump it on the yard. One time, an officer dumped it all over the basketball court, so for a whole week if you wanted to play basketball you played with the lovely smell of rotting fruit in the air.

Once they feel the mixture is ready ( I think they wait a week or two), filter the contents so the liquid is separated from all the pulp. Once they’ve done that… TA-DA, it is wine! Enjoy. Some say it tasted nasty but gets the job done, others say when they make it, it actually tastes really good.

They have the wine, but want something STRONGER. So they go into phase ll… vodka. This step is fairly easy if they have all the items they need.

All you do is take the wine, pour it into a pot, put it over the hot pot and let it boil. Before boiling it though, you have to make a plastic contraption that goes over the pot. It has to be positioned so it catches all the first steam (because thats really the potent alcohol) and lets it drip down into a bowl.

Let it boil for a bit, until your bowl or cup is filled with a clear liquid, or vodka.

Bottoms up!

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