Update on the Weenie Guy

He was a ticking time bomb.

I knew he was the moment I first had him in my first group. However, who he would go off on or I guess (jack off) on was a spin of the wheel… and whom ever it landed on would get the unfortunate prize.

I’ll save you the suspense… it wasn’t me!

I did have a group with him once though where I had to tell him to keep his jump suit tight… I don’t exactly know what I saw or catch him in any act, but I know it wasn’t good.

The next time I to went to “Round” or go to the cell’s to ask the Inmate Patients if they wanted to attend group, I addressed it with him:

“Hey Shivers, I just want to remind you that your jump suit needs to be synched all the way, and keep your hands up and away from your privates. I’d really appreciate it!” I said in a light hearted/ serious manner.

“Alright I know, HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT!!” he responded followed with a snicker.

I thought that was funny… “Hands up, don’t shoot.” As if their ‘thing’ was something you could point at someone… as if it could be a threat to someone… as if it was something that could hurt someone…

But then I learned what he did to get into prison, and let’s just say what he did made him saying “Hands up, don’t shoot” an extremely twisted ironic statement. It was something so sick I’m not even going to mention it here, but when I saw him in group later that day I really had to practice grace and forgiveness.

Regardless, he was respectful towards me then on, and left no room for guessing where his hands were. I was thankful for that.

Last week, I got the long awaited news through email:

The subject read: “IEX INICIDENT”

I opened it and low and behold, the time bomb went off!!  Inmate S had IEX’ed a clinician in a group and now he had to where the Marshmellow Suit if he wanted to come out in the future.

A wave of relief washed over me. My heart broke for the clinician he went off on, but I heard later it didn’t effect her at all and she was fine, so hallelelujah.

What is the marshmellow suit you may ask? It’s a big white semi thick long sleeved, long pants, jumper that zips up in the back, for IEX’ers to wear during groups. It prevents them from accessing their “Gun” so to say…

Usually what happens though is Inmates are too embarrassed to go to group wearing that, so needless to say… I haven’t seen Inmate S in awhile (:

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