Last Friday afternoon I received a text from a friend:


I don’t work Fridays, so when I got this text from a friend who has no relation to the prison I knew something big must of happened. I immediately thought of my coworkers, and hoped everything was okay.

Later that day when my coworkers were off work I was able to get the low down of what happened….

There was a HUGE riot.

What happened? Was any one hurt? Are the other RT’s okay? …I urgently texted my coworker in the  middle of shopping at Trader Joes.

The seconds between his response seemed like minutes while waiting for a reply, which didn’t make the process of narrowing down what snacks I wanted to buy any easier.

I honestly think I did a few laps down the same aisle grabbing something then putting it back, then grabbing something else, then deciding that I wanted both, so putting what I had originally put back, back into the cart…

Anyways I finally got a reply and here’s the whole report:

There was a huge riot at approximately 0900 on A Yard. There were around 50 inmates involved and 10 of them were injured. 1 of them apparently so injured he had to be helicoptered out of the institution.  Any news station you could name was at the prison gathering information, video footage, and reports of what happened.

Later upon returning to work the next week I learned that the rumors about the Mexicans were not as much rumors as they were truth…

You see, the Mexicans were MAD.

They didn’t like SNY inmates (Sensitive Needs Yard- these guys are the gang drop outs, snitches, child molesters, and trans-genders)  being sent to A Yard or I guess “Their yard.” And in case you weren’t aware, here on General Population yards, your race determines a lot. People stick with their kind for the most part. It’s gang politics. That’s just the way it is.

There have been rumors about the Mexicans threatening to stab people and cause all sorts of trouble, in order to try and get it to stop. And there have been small stabbings on other inmates, and weapons being found these past several months….

So I guess it finally got to the point where they said “Screw it, they’re not listening, let’s just start a freakin’ riot.”

And one beautiful Friday morning the Mexicans woke up and started attacking the White guys. Any White man was fair game. The Blacks apparently were kind of just able to scoot toward the side line and avoid trouble. Like I said… your race determines a lot around here.

That night our institution shipped out about 26 inmates that were the supposed aggressors.

And over the weekend, just as the rain washed all the blood away as if nothing had ever happened, so did our Supervisors… washing any concern or memory away and only 3 days later we are up and running program like nothing ever happened…     typical.

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