A Cheesy Inmate Love Story.

Once upon a time in the confines of building 7 on B yard, in the land known as the “Hole,” one handsome mentally ill inmate found love with a cute and sassy mentally ill transgender.

He was “Cellies” (prison slang for roommates) with his best friend on the upper tier (tier is equivelant to floor). The young green eyed inmate, we’ll call him Bryan, had no idea how his life would change when 4 cells down in moved a long haired ethnically ambitious transgender cutie, we’ll call her Cynthia.

Since fate put both of them on the same side and same tier, they would have their Mental Health groups together, and it was in those group rooms their romance began.

Out of all the pickings, she only had eyes for him. It started off as cute little bursts of sassy flirtation on her end, and subtle hints of intrigue and interest on his end. Sure enough they started requesting to be put in the cages next to each other during groups (in the hole all groups are ran with inmates in cages). They may have been caged up, but that didn’t stop their love from running free.

They started to become exclusive, but in a non confrontational way. It didn’t take much of a guess to know they were a “Thing.” As their love grew so did Cynthia’s sass, to the point where she would get defensive of her Man if there was a female clinician running their group.

“DON’T BE TALKIN TO MY MAN” she once told a Recreation Therapist when all the Recreation Therapist wanted was their participation. It was soon understood though, Bryan was Cynthia’s territory and she wasn’t afraid to claim it.

Their love grew like a forest fire, and about a month later they moved in together. Bryan left his cellie and moved in 4 cells down with his new found soul mate Cynthia.

Now Bryan and Cynthia are living together in one cell. Will Bryan miss being Cellies with his best friend? Did they move things to fast? Is this really true love? Is there something more to this relationship we cannot see?

Only time will tell…

2 thoughts on “A Cheesy Inmate Love Story.”

  1. Your stories come to life when reading through them. The setting seems to have a wide array of characters that never lends a dull moment. Adding Christ in to the mix and it’s evident how the Holy Spirit is using you to reach society’s outcasts. Your patient and understanding responses to hardened hearts speaks volumes to them and your audience reading these excerpts. It’s fun reading the humorous stories too. Compton is quite the mountain… so I’ve heard. I’m also quite glad you’ve been protected from a weenie scene-ie…

    Thank you for your faithfulness to sharing a glimpse of misunderstood hearts encountered behind the walls many dont dare to enter. Your walk is unique and I look foward to reading more.


    P.S. Please keep us filled in on the Brian and Cynthia’s saga…


    1. WOW. You have no idea how encouraging this comment is. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I truly appreciate it. It is quite a different world back here, a place that’s taught me to lean on God in new ways. I’m so happy I can share my stories here, and am so happy at least one person feels the way you do.

      You are awesome, and I will definitely keep you filled on the love story haha.

      God bless!!


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