Satanists or actors?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when inmates are genuinely crazy or if they’re putting on a show just to start a ruse. These guys in particular though are either way far out there or just too dang bored.

Have you heard of free masons? Or more specifically the 72 keys of Solomon? Well it’s basically a twist off of Solomon in the bible. Solomon had the greatest wisdom and because of that some people believe that with that knowledge he created 72 keys or symbols, that supposedly when you practice the spells that go along with them, will give you access to dark magic and give you access to dark power or whatever…

These two inmates wanted me to print out some of the spells so they could start using them. One of them also claimed the other was Satan. Now I do believe in the existence of heaven and hell and do believe there is a Spiritual Battle going on around us, so talking to them was very interesting to me. I will say that while conversing with them and asking them questions they were in fact pretty knowledgeable and insightful about certain things, and they spoke like they truly believed everything they were saying. I say they were insightful because one of them hinted at my birth year with full confidence and he was right (either a really good guess or he got that intuition from somewhere). He was also saying some very insightful things that definitely takes a deep wisdom (hard to explain, but trust me on this). However as you get deeper and they get more comfortable, they will say things that cause you to just not even question it, smile, nod, and awkwardly say “HA HA… UH HUH OKAY..”

At one point I asked them how long have they known each other, and one of them answers very seriously… “Many Life times,” I questioned him and he ends up following up with “We’ve known each other from the beginning of time.”

The other guy then steps in and says, “To really answer your question…  we have known each other two months.” When he said that I thought maybe he was not as far out as the other guy… well I was corrected real fast because he followed up with… “But he’s right, we’ve known each other in previous lives”

I had a long and interesting a conversation with them over a game of chess. One of them told me a sob story of how his son was murdered during a robbery, and I won’t lie he had my empathy at the time. Then after debriefing with a coworker who has known him longer she just laughed when I told her that and said “HE AIN GOT NO KIDS” ….so at that point I had to ask my self are these guys Satanists? ….. or actors?

Either way, they need prayer. Greatly. LOL…

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