Inmate to other inmate: “What’s the highest mountain you’ve climbed?” Other Inmate: “Compton.”

RT (Recreation Therapist): “If you could be one age forever what age would it be and why?”
Inmate: “In the womb”
RT: “Why??
Inmate: “Cuz when my momma pushed me out I looked around and was like OH SHIT, put me back in”

RT talking about facts about sleep: “Lack of sleep throughout life increases risk of heart attacks”
Inmate:  *completely serious with flabbergasted face* “OH SHIT… I’m finna die.”

Inmate: “When I was born my momma was mad at my dad for impregantin’ 3 other woman so she put my name as Boy on my birth certificate”

RT to group: “What advice would you give to a teenager”
Inmates go around saying good thoughtful advice until…
Inmate: “Excuse my language, but uhh I would say.. F*$K B!^&$#S.”

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