Oh that’s why he was so bloody…

Working at a prison you mostly hear about the excitement going on around you: the fights, the stabbings, the inmate drama, the illegal staff and inmate relationships, and so on. But on some occasions you get to witness it.

I was walking the yard one day checking in inmates for group when all of a sudden we hear over the loud speakers, “YARD DOWN.” When that command is called all the inmates on the yard are to sit down where they are at, and staff are free to walk around.

The yard usually goes down when there’s a medical emergency, a fight, a car needs to drive through, or any other misc. reason. This time is was for a fight.

“LOOK LOOK LOOK!” My coworker tells me pointing in the distance to the other side of the fence, where another yard is at.

I look over and see two guys GOING AT IT. One guy then grabs onto the other guy and is not letting go. Since it was from a distance I couldn’t make out the details to well. I’d say they were about half a high school football field away from me, but from where I was standing it kind of just looked like two guys hugging each other really really hard.

They aren’t letting go of each other and are latched on with a FIRM grip, even with three Custody Officers trying to pull them in opposite directions they just wouldn’t budge. After a few moments of that, it got to a point where I see an officer whip out his big bottled pepper spray gun and spray them.

Finally they each let go of each other and fall to the ground. I notice that one of the guys had blood all over his white shirt. That is WAY to much blood for something that was just a fight, so my Coworker and I start contemplating why it was so bloody, and decide it was probably because it was actually a stabbing.

We exit the yard and wait outside the gates until the Yard time is finished. Around us the Custody Officers were talking about the fight and listening over their radio for more information about what had happened. One of them walks up to us and we ask, “So what happened?”

Come to find out, the reason they were latched onto each other so well was because one of the guys was biting the other guys ear and ended up BITING HIS WHOLE EAR OFF! The guy had pulled a Mike Tyson!


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