I get around.

I wanted to expand more on what I do and what my job incorporates. I am considered a “Float” here, meaning I go around to all the yards based on their need for group coverage. Hence the title of this post, I GET AROUND… literally.

Recreational Therapists (RT’s) here only run groups, no one on ones, and usually have 3-4 groups a day. Most RT’s have their own assigned groups, but some of us have been designated to only cover groups, so we have no groups assigned to our name.

This is could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your personality, but for someone like me who likes variety and adventure, it is perfect.

What’s a Prison Yard? It is a sectioned off area of the prison that has about 5 building units of cells where the inmates are living, surrounding a big yard complete with your weight piles, handball courts, basketball courts, and dirt field; and is usually about the size of a high school football field.

One of the yards I go to, I only go to for one of the buildings which is considered Administrative Segregation… or in prison slang “The Hole.” It’s basically the prison within the prison, so guys will get sent here from their original yard for various reasons, but it’s usually because they got in trouble.

The other yards are A Yard, C Yard, and E Yard. Each yard is a different level of security and each yard has their own personality, which is where the fun variety for me comes in. As a very brief description:

A Yard- This is your chill/creeper yard. The vibe is pretty chill, but dang there are quite a few creepers.

C Yard- Is the CRAZY yard. From stabbings to fights to transgender clicks… there is always something going on.

E Yard- Prisney Land. This is the level 2 yard, and these guys LOVE to program. So they have Playwrite groups, music groups, animal therapy, school, yoga, pretty much anything you can think of.

ASU (The hole)- Real world. There are guys from every yard here, and are there as either punishment, safety concerns, overflow, or transition. When we run groups they are in cages and we facilitate from outside, so the feel is pretty different, but you usually get to see the more real side of the guys (good and bad).

Well there ya have it, I get around. That was a very surface description of the yards and what I do, but I hope it gave you a better idea of my day to day.

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